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Liberals Promise Increase in UCC and End Bombing Mission Against ISIS

Justin Trudeau claims that if the Liberals were to win the upcoming election, they would end our bombing mission against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  He also said that they would restore diplomatic relations with Iran.

Trudeau further explained in an interview on Power & Politics that his plan by saying that Canada would move away from the CF-18 mission.  He claims that Harper was failed miserably in demonstrating why it feels that the best mission for Canada is to participate in a bombing mission.

Trudeau promised to pull Canadian fighter jets from the Middle East, and would invest in training up local troops fighting on the ground.  However, he declined to say how many trainers should be deployed.


He ruled out committing combat troops to Iraq even as the security situation deteriorates.  ISIS, at present, controls more than a quarter of Iraq including Mosul which is the city’s second largest city.  Recently, ISIS fighters took Ramadi which is a city 100 km away from Baghdad.


Trudeau also proposed that he would move to normalize relations with Iran.  He said that he hopes that Canada would be able to reopen the closed Canadian Embassy in Tehran which expelled Iranian diplomats form Ottawa.  He says that he understnads that there were security concerns that led to the closing, but feels confident that they are ways to re-engage.

It has been siad that his comments come as negotiations procede as the U.S., U.K, France, China, Russia and Germany attempt to reach a deal to limit Iran’s nuclear program.  Trudeau says he is “cautiously optimistic” that the two sides could reach an agreement before June 30.

The negotiations themselves are facing criticism from Israeli leaders who adamantly feel that any deal with Iran over nuclear weapons can not be trusted.  Israeli Prime MInister, Benjamin Netanyahu, claims the regime cannot be trusted, and punishing sanctions economically against Iran must be preserved.

Trudeau, in his speech, ruled out any new taxes on the middle class to fun new government initiatives- including a GST hike.  He claims that the middle class has struggled enough, and has promised that they will not raise taxes.

He also wants to boost benefits to Canadian parents.  Under his plan, families with children under 18 and an annual income below $150,000 (which would be 90% of families) would receive more that they do under our current plan.

However, the Liberal plan would cost an additional $2 billion more than what Harper has put aside for benefits.  When questioned, Turdeau said that the gap could be filled by using the $1.7 billion surplus the federal government is expected to post next year, and by putting a stop to partisan government advertising.

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