Leaders Praying for Revival in Europe During London 2016

The Empowered21 European Congress (London 2016) begins today in London and runs until Friday.

Spirit-filled believers gather all over the globe for this conference, and the location is the historic Gaumont State Theater.  The conference hosts many spirit-filled speakers such as Samuel Rodriguez Jr (President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference), Billy Wilson (President, Oral Roberts University), Anne Christiansen (Founder, Jesus Women Ministries), Marilyn Hickey (Founder, Marilyn Hickey Ministries), Rob Hoskins (President, One Hope), and many more.

Billy Wilson said in an interview with Charisma Magazine that they are praying for London 2016 to impact Europe as Europe, due to the numerous crisis and terrorist attacks, has been in the worldview more now than in previous decades.  They are praying for God to “do something fresh in Europe today” since there are great signs of revival in this location.

Wilson says they will be “fanning the flame and encouraging people to get involved and become agents of revival and renewal in the UK”.

The Empowered21 Initiative began in 2006 after the Azusa Street Centennial as a form to uniting spirit-filled believers and maintaining momentum of the historic event.  The first conference was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma four years later.  The movement has grown rapidly globally with 14 regional cabinets carrying out events all over the world.

This year’s European conference focuses on the rise of Islam, financial crises and terrorism- issues that effect people worldwide.  Topics include discussions on grace, healing and miracles today, raising a family in the 21st century, real talk with the next generation, and living in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Phil Cooke (Co-founder & President, Cooke Pictures) said,  “I’m excited about E21 because it’s a global conference.  Anytime Christian leaders from around the world gather to strategize how to reach this generation more effectively, you can count me in. Today we live in a media-driven culture, and that’s why I’ll be teaching on how the digital revolution has changed the way we engage that culture. This is the most distracted and disrupted generation in history, and if we’re going to make an impact, we absolutely have to raise the bar in the way we communicate. That will be my focus in London, and I’m thrilled to be part of this landmark event.”

Further information can be found on the Empowered21 website

Events from London 2016 can also be watched live here.

Other events will be going on in various locations across the globe, and we will continue to post on upcoming events.