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Children Who Are Lost For Now Aren’t Lost Forever

Learn How to Pray The Lost Back Into The Kingdom

Your child has grown up in church, and been taught the Word of God their entire life.  Then, suddenly, for whatever reason, they decide to turn from Him.  They angrily tell you that they no longer believe in God, or to prove His existence.  You try to speak scripture into their life, yet know that your words are not being heard.  You are concerned for their eternity.

Not only are you concerned with their eternity, but you begin to notice subtle changes.  However, over time, those subtle changes become more noticeable.  They begin to party all night long, start drinking, or dressing more provocatively.  When they speak, all you hear is the death of the world.

It hurts a parent to watch their child turn from God and into the world.  As parents, we want to protect our children.  We know that the world is a harsh place, and there is no better place to be is in God’s presence.  Many of us have been in the world, and know what it entails.

Yet many of our children don’t.  Some see the perceived “fun” they are missing, and don’t fully understand that it leads to destruction.  Others don’t have the wisdom or experience to see the foreseeable danger that lurks ahead for poor choices.  Many turn when challenged about their faith and are unable to defend it, or it becomes “socially unacceptable”.  New friends may play a part.  Negative experiences do as well- especially ones that we don’t yet have answers for.

The good news is that if the prodigal son of the Bible can return, so can yours!  Take comfort in the fact that they are not lost forever.  Even children who never grew up in the church, but need to be saved can still receive Christ.  It’s never too late, and God cares about each one of His sons and daughters.  None of His children should be left behind.

This issue will give you the tools you need to pray your children back into a relationship with God.  You will learn what to say, and do when opportunities arise for them to come back to Christ.

Lost for now isn’t lost forever.

Read about this topic and more in our next issue coming out July 26, 2016

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