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Feigen’s Lying Did Pay- $11,000 to a Brazilian Charity For False Report

False Report by US Olympic Swimmer Lochte Provides Example of the Results of Lying

A false armed robbery claim by US Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte, Jimmy, Feigen, Gunnar Bentz, and Jack Conger cost the group direly proving that being truthful- and law-abiding, is always best.

The story began on August 14th, when Lochte’s mother reports the incident to the US media claiming her son had been involved in an armed robbery.  Lochte gives an account of how the group was robbed at gunpoint while returning to the athletes’ village via taxi in the early hours of the morning.  He reported that the armed gunmen disguised as police officers forced the taxi to pull over.

However, the group did not report the incident to the US Olympic committee, nor the Brazilian authorities.  Police only become involved after seeing television report.

Police notice a discrepancy when CCTV shows the men returning to the athletes’ village laughing and joking, while handing over wallets and cell phones as they go through security screens.

Lochte admits to discrepancies, but denies fabricating the story.

Judge then order seizure of four men’s passports only to discover that Lochte had departed to US.  Bentz and Conger were pulled off a flight in Rio, and Feigen was detained.

Feigen gave a “revised” statement to police hoping to secure his passport.

The Truth

Brazilian police sources inform media that the story was a fabrication to disguise a dispute over a damaged bathroom door at a Barra da Tijuca petrol station located 10 miles from the Olympic Park.  CCTV shows athletes being detained and order to sit on the ground.

The Head of Rio’s civil police claims that case centers around a vandalism incident and payment for damage.

Bentz, and Conger have flown out of Rio, but James Feigen is unable to travel as passport is still held by authorities.

The Result

Jimmy Feigen has agreed to pay almost $10,800 to a Brazilian charity over his involvement in the armed robbery dispute.  After the donation has been completed, his passport will be returned and the case is resolved.

Feigen and Lochte were indicted due to the false reports.  Conger and Bentz were not as they did not speak to police until Wednesday, and denied claims of an armed robbery.

The United States Olympic Committee has apologized to Brazil for the ordeal, and in a statement said, “The behavior of these athletes is not acceptable, nor does it represent the values of Team USA or the conduct of the vast majority of its members.”

Justice in this case, was fairly served, proving that God will always expose darkness with light.  Nothing that is hidden will not be exposed.  This is also a good example of why we should always be truthful- no matter how embarrassing- and how quickly a cover up for a lie can spiral out of control.



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