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Leaders Meeting In Paris On Sunday to Discuss Israel Palestine Conflict

Concerns Are Rising As To Which Side Will Receive Support.

Seventy plus leaders across the globe will be meeting in Paris on January 15 to discuss the Arab-Israel conflict: specifically between Palestine and Israel.

After the U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334 last month, concerns are rising.  The Paris gathering will be the next step in what some cite to be a “one-sided resolution”.  This resolution would not allow Jews to pray at the Western Wall, or to live in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem where they have lived for thousands of years!

The resolution would potentially recognize Palestine as a state and setting its borders at the 1949 armistice lines.  Concerns arise over the potential for biased actions against Israel, thus making peace more challenging to attain.  Additionally, there is fear that this gathering may be the same as the recent decision to not support claims to the West Bank.

As many of us recollect, the United States received a severe backlash when they abstained from voting allowing Israel’s rights to be over-ruled.  Israel had previously relied to the United State’s support and was deeply upset when the U.S. failed to vote leaving them vulnerable.

Jonathan Feldstein from Charisma News is urging people to pray over the fate of Israel during this time to ensure a positive outcome.  God’s promise to Abraham was made before Palestine even existed, and the territory of Israel was promised to His chosen people- the Jews.  It was this area that they were to own- it was a promise and covenant with God.  Even though, through various forms of disobedience on the part of the people and leaders, God has place Israel under oppression, Israel still, and always will in God’s eyes, belong to the Jewish people.

It should be supported.

Jonathan Felstein eloquently stated in his article, “Let the nations of the world that gather in Paris not have the hubris to call the Land occupied, not when we know that it was deeded by God Himself, parts purchased to avoid any confusion, and because the people to whom God gave the Land cannot be “occupiers” in that Land when they are the owners.”


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