Micah Tyler’s “You’ve Gotta Love Millennials” video has gone viral after hitting the web last Thursday. Already surpassing 23.1 million views, 18,500 comments and 526,000 shares on Facebook alone, people everywhere are circulating the lighthearted video.

Tyler, a 33-year-old millennial himself, created the video for the Watermark Church Leaders Conference in Dallas, TX. The song’s satirical approach uses common stereotypes of the millennial generation – from coffee shops and man buns to Instagram selfies and an attitude of entitlement, to help break down generational barriers and stimulate discussion

“My hope is that future generations will be able to look at how we overcame our differences and fought as hard as we could to break down the barriers created by negative attitude, easy excuses and pointing fingers,” Tyler said.

Tyler recently signed with Fair Trade Services in fall of 2015. He is a singer/songwriter and worship leader from Buna, TX. He┬áhas a true love and respect for the local church but has a passion to reach the unchurched as well with his Gospel-centered “Southern Soul” music style. His song “Directions” recently appeared on God’s Not Dead 2 soundtrack.

Tyler has been hard at work on his first project with Fair Trade, an EP slated for fall 2016. In preparation of the release, Tyler will embark on a national radio station tour in conjunction with his debut radio single, set to hit this summer. For additional information, visit micahtyler.com