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Why Should You Be Mindful Of Who Prays Over You?

“Five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand, and your enemies will fall by the sword before you.” Leviticus 26:8

Scripture tells us of the importance of the power of agreement in prayer.  Whether it is for healing, major decisions, or answer to unanswered prayer, people will ask others to stand in agreement with them so that something will manifest in their lives.  It can be a powerful thing… however, Christians should be aware of some potential drawbacks as well.

What I am speaking about is what is known as the potential for transference.  Transference is when a spirit, such as lust or depression, is plaguing one person (the person praying over you) and transfers to the other individual (the person being prayed over).  When someone prays over us, most of us are in an “open” state- we are ready to receive.  Additionally, if someone lays hands on us, power is transferred into us.  This power is usually good, but may have remnants.

How do you know if transference has occurred?

Most people are unaware of transference.  It’s not like you feel something taking over your mind.  Rather transference occurs when you begin to feel things that are not normal for you.  For example, you suddenly feel a deep depression- and you are normally very joyful.  Usually, when asked, the individual says they were fine until someone prayed over them, or they attended church and were prayed over.

Our next issue discusses this topic in greater detail.  We delve deeper into what transference is, and how to avoid it.  Part of it is knowing who is praying over you, but even friends can be battling something.  We will go over a few precautions, and what to do if you feel that you are battling something due to spiritual transference.

Our December issue goes out on November 27, 2017 and is available on our website, through social media, and via our free online subscription!

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Michelle Danko is the Editor-In-Chief for Faith Filled Family Magazine.

Satan's greatest assault has been on families as he tries to destroy God's original design for it. Our children are reaping the negative consequences of an errant belief system resulting in confusion and disillusionment. Michelle believes that we need to have a strong relationship with God, our first ministry is to our family, and that everything else flows from that.

Michelle has a passion for seeing families live victoriously in Christ, and she doesn't just write about a life with God, but she lives it as well.

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