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Generations Sent Confusing Mixed Messages Regarding Marriage Roles


What Should our Marriages Even Look Like? What is Their Purpose?

Due to what generations have been fed in society, do we really know what a godly marriage even looks like?

We have seen the frontiers wherein everyone in the family worked along side each other.  Then we saw husbands working, and the family running a farm.  After that, was a father working, and the mother staying at home, cleaning the house, and taking care of the children.  We had men going off to war, and women working to support them and their households.

Then we had the women’s movement.

The women’s movement began with good intentions, which was equal pay for equal work.  Women entered into a very male dominated society, and many received little respect.  They often were treated as inferior, or as a weaker sex.  God’s design for women was never that they should be inferior, but that they should be a help meet to their husbands.  The women’s movement wanted that equality in employment, and to be able to vote.

Things morphed from there, though.  Girls were now taught that they could do anything a boy could do.  Girls were not just told that they have choices- that they can choose to work, or stay in the home- but staying at home was now frowned upon.  Women who chose to stay at home and raise a family were now seen as less of a female.  In fact, some people saw them as a blemish to womanhood because they still held traditional values- ones that the women felt were outdated.  Women’s liberation stepped in and sexual freedom for women was added to the list, and many women were told that they didn’t need a “man”.  They could have a career, but didn’t have to marry.  Cohabitation was beginning to be more acceptable- among other things.

For men, there was a movement that told boys not to be so aggressive.  Men were told that they needed to display more sensitivity to their wives.  Women became more dominant and demanding, while men gradually became more passive.

Now we are left with confusion as to what roles should be in a marriage, and what each gender should be in a relationship.  What roles do we play?  What is our identity as a man or woman?  Society is sending us mixed messages.

Learn in our upcoming issue what your role as a godly husband or wife is in your marriage.  It may not be what you think, and while some of it may go against what you have been taught, God will bless you for your obedience.  Women should not be either diminutive, submissive or domineering, and men should not be passive, weak, or overbearing.  There are reasons why marriages are torn apart with these characteristics.  Find out who God says you are as a husband and wife.  Learn what your roles are and how they benefit your family.  Discover how both spouses can work in perfect harmony, and what God’s design is for your marriage.  Most importantly, find out why God should always be at the center of your marriage and what that does for you.

All this and more with our next issue coming out on February 26th.

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