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Kenyan Muslim Passengers Defend Christians During Militant Raid

A group of Kenyan Muslims step in to protect fellow Christians from extremists.

Al-Shabaab militants regularly raid buses in Kenya in search of Christians to put to death, but their routine assault was halted Monday by a group of Muslim passengers who put their lives in danger to protect the Christian passengers.

Somali group Al-Shabaab is known for their brutal attacks on buses near Somalia and Ethiopia. Their agenda to change Somalia into a fundamentalist Islamic state is what fuels these bus attacks.

In spite of their brutality, Monday’s attack was halted by mostly Muslim women who decided that enough was enough. The message they gave to Al-Shabaab was this: “If you want to kill us, then kill us. There are no Christians here” according to CNN.


This incident challenges me, as a Christian, to think about how I would respond to a similar attack against Muslims. How would I respond if a group of Christian extremists decided to raid a bus and threatened to kill a group of innocent people?

Would I be bold enough to lay down my life for a group of people whom I disagree with by religion?

Jesus knew how to reach out to people of other cultures and show them compassion. On his way to Galilee, he stopped to speak to a Samaritan woman. In this divine appointment, Jesus told her of the living water that gives eternal life (John 4: 13-14).

Later at his crucifixion, in an act of supernatural forgiveness, he prayed for the Romans who had driven nails through his palms.

Jesus knew the importance of looking beyond the outward appearance of a person and looked to the person that needed salvation inside.

Christ showed compassion for the lost.

If there’s anything to learn from Monday’s incident in Kenya it is this: remember the compassion of Christ and show this compassion to everyone, regardless of race, religion, or culture.

Our Prayer

Heavenly Father, we pray for your peace in our lives, and we pray that you would conform our hearts to the heart of Christ.

Lord, this world is full of evils of various kinds, but keep our hearts from the stain of those evils.

May the Holy Spirit guide us to be a light to those around us, even those who are lost.

By Your grace and providence, help us remember that we may be the only source of Christ’s love in their lives, and with Your guidance, give us the strength to show that love unheeded, so that the love of Christ would break through the shadows of their hearts.

In Christ’s name we pray, amen.

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