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Muslim Refugees Accepting Christ On Mass in European Union

Converts Report There is No Peace in Islam

Middle East Muslims are becoming disillusioned by violence and unrest.  Many are now embracing Christianity at an unprecedented rate after experiencing God’s love and hearing the Gospel.

The Guardian shows that during the previous months, staggering numbers of Muslim refugees in Europe are converting to Christianity according to churches which have conducted massive baptisms.

Shima, who is an Iranian refugee, revealed to Stern magazine, “I’ve been looking all my life for peace and happiness, but in Islam, I have not found it.  To be a Christian means happiness to me.”

“In Islam, we always lived in fear. Fear God, fear of sin, fear of punishment. However, Christ is a God of love,” another Iranian refugee, Solmaz, said to the German Daily.

1.8 million aslylum seekers entered the European Union last year, fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East (data from European Union border agency Frontex).  1.1 million refugees came to Germany in 2015.

Austria reports at least 300 applications for adult christenings in the first three months of this year.  70% of those, according to the Guardian, are said to be refugees.

Trinity Church in Berlin witnessed its congregation growing from 159 to 700.  Hamburg saw over 80 Muslim refugees from Iran and Afghanistan converted to Christianity and were baptized.

According to RT, converts said that the reason for their new-found faith was triggered by a ‘lack of freedom’ in Islam.  They report that they are grateful to Christians offering help to them.

One man recently baptized in Hamburg, according to a news outlet, says that he has been spat on and told that he has betrayed Islam.  He does report that through what he has learned, he can forgive them.

“Since I became a Christian I fear no one,” a young woman added.

Despite suggestions that the conversions are an attempt to claim asylum, RT says that living in a predominantly Muslim community can be extremely challenging for Christian refugees.

Geopolitical analyst, Rainer Rothfuss says, “You can see clearly that conversions are not really taken into consideration as an advantage for accepting an asylum case. We have even seen many cases where Christians have been sent back even if they were Christians already before they came to Europe. The risk is too great for most of them to convert. Traditionally this is punished, at least expulsion from the family up to beatings and even killings against family members who convert.”

Open Doors USA reported that Christian refugees are being psychologically abused, physically maltreated, and starved at Muslim-dominated camps located in Germany.

Open Doors interviewed 231 Christian refugees between February and April.  They discovered 86 Christians said that they had been physically assaulted by Muslim refugees or shelter security staff.  70 commented that they had even received death threats.

“Despite increased reports about this problem by the media, charities, human rights organizations, church leaders and Christian organizations, German authorities and politicians have hardly ever launched an investigation,” the watchdog group said.

Open Doors adds, “Instead, we believe that incidents are deliberately downplayed and even covered up. During confidential discussions with researchers from Open Doors, it has become known that even in police stations, religiously motivated attacks on Christian refugees are not documented as such.”

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