Micheal McDowell Appearing in Concord, North Carolina

Are you a NASCAR fan? Ever wonder what these folks do in their days off from racing? Want a chance to talk and meet a great guy? Here is your chance!

Everyone is invited to meet NASCAR driver Michael McDowell “#95″on Wednesday May 25th from 5pm to 7pm at 6061 Bayfield Parkway, Concord, North Carolina.

The K-LOVE NASCAR driver will be giving out prizes “playing games with those who write a letter to children in need.” What could be better than making a difference in someone’s life?  If you are a “die hard” NASCAR fan what would be the ultimate gift?  To be able to met Micheal McDowell.

Please include some information about yourself in the letter so they could better get to know you. We have so many hurting families and so children in our area. Please go out and show you support to the children and to NASCAR driver Michael McDowell who is truly making a difference in lives.

Also, don’t forget your FREE chicken sandwich!

In 2008 Micheal McDowell had a bad wreck on the circuit- the worse one in NASCAR history- and he was able to walk away from the incident. Since that moment, Micheal has openly shared his faith.

McDowell states, “God is not a figure in the sky throwing lighting bolts at you.  He is sitting right here with us, he calls us his friend, and we are his beloved children.  It is a humbling feeling at all times, and it is just amazing to know God, the creator of everything, is in this place with us right now.”

If you do not have a chance to get out to the event, but would like an autograph, please complete the following:

For autograph requests, please send a 9 x 12 SASE envelope enclosed. You may also send
merchandise to be autographed, however you must include a paid postage stamp for its return.

Please send all requests to:

Leavine Family Racing Attn:
Autograph Request
6007 Victory Lane Concord,
North Carolina 28027