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National Geographic Channel Airs Two Shows On The Environment

National Geographic Channel will be showing “Years of Living Dangerously” with the premiere episode entitled, A Race Against Time on Sunday, October 30, 2016.  This new series features David Letterman and Cecily Strong.
Years of Living Dangerously is about the energy market which has an estimated value of $6 trillion.  This number could be greatly affected by an increase in renewable resources, especially solar.  David Letterman travels to India to discover what the world’s most populous country is incorporating to expand an inadequate energy grid, power its expanding economy, and bring electricity to 300 million citizens who have never used it.
Letterman interviews the Prime Minister, goes to rural villages where power is seen as a luxury, and why the U.S. may play a key role in India’s energy future.
Meanwhile, Cecily Strong goes to Florida and Nevada to investigate what is blocking the growth of solar energy in the United States.  The real story is discovered from industry insiders and a retired commissioner now willing to expose the truth.  Learn more about YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY at: www.yearsoflivingdangerously.com

Years of Living Dangerously will premiere at 8/7c on October 30, 2016.  You can watch a preview of the episode here: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/years-of-living-dangerously/videos/optimistic-in-india/

Before the Flood will premiere immediately following Years of Living Dangerously at 9/8c and will air commercial free on National Geographic Channel.  It will capture a three year personal journey along Academy Award-winning actor and U.N Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio and includes interviews with Pope Francis, Elon Musk, and Barack Obama.
Before the Flood interviews individuals from every component of society including developed and developing nations who provide unique, impassioned, and pragmatic views on what needs to be done today and in the future to prevent disruption of life on earth.

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