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Nativity Scene

Nativity Scene Becomes Center of Attention in Mississippi

In a small town in Mississippi, a nativity scene is the center of attention. The cause?  The nativity scene must come removed from the public park. Those who live in the small town of Mississippi are not wanting that to take place.

A resident that lives near the nativity scene wants it removed because she couldn’t pass the park without being offended.

Out of 2,600 residents, nearly two thousand people showed up for a town meeting as well as the town mayor. The townspeople , “We’re not just going to let it happen.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation says the scene in the public park is unconstitutional, and the town could face a lawsuit.

The people in Alderman, Mississippi will stand together in support of the nativity scene and are seeking legal help to respect the views of the majority of the town’s wishes.

The Freedom From Religion issues isn’t the nativity scene, but the removal from a public area.

Our Two Cents:

It has become a sad nation when we cannot have our freedom of religion without offending someone someone and they can’t just take another route or just ignore the nativity scene.  It saddens me that we are losing God and what He stands for, The Bible talks of this and I guess as Christians we really should not be surprised. I never thought that I would see these issues in my life time the things of this world continues to get worse,

I am glad to see the residents stand up for their beliefs and Christianity in this day and time!  It took a lot of courage for the Mayor to stand with the citizens. We all have to be accounted for to make a difference. Hats off to the townspeople of Alderman, Mississippi.

Deuteronomy 13:18 KJV

“because you obey the LORD your God, keeping all his commands that I am giving you today and doing what is right in his eyes.”

Our Prayer:

Dear, Heavenly Father

We come to you with heavy hearts and we see situations all around us. that want to take you out of the mist of the world.  You are the only one that can help, Lord.  We want your protection, love and forgiveness.  These people do not not what they are doing and do not know the love of God.  You say where two or more are joined together you are in the mist. Lord we pray as a nation that our nation gets turned back over to you.


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