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Activate Change Over Stressful Situations Peaceably

Have  you ever experienced a stressful time in your life wherein you desperately wished you could change your environment?  What about a child who is being difficult or disobedient?  Have you ever wished that an ungodly characteristic would change?  It can, and it’s as simple as prayer.

Our October article entitled, “Authority Means More Than Taking a Few Steps: Learn how to Tread on Serpents and Scorpions” deals specifically with changing your environment.  There is nothing “magical” about it, but a supernatural claiming of God’s Word over a situation.

This article is designed to help those who have prayed over a situation, but have not seen things change.  Sometimes, the reason that things have not changed may be due to not taking authority over the enemy.  Things in our lives can happen because Satan has orchestrated them- but we may not know it.  Satan orchestrates things like persecution in the workplace (for no apparent reason), and can even use people like your spouse (unknowingly) to create a situation.  Additionally, some people may experience irritability and not know why- yet there is a supernatural reason for it.  Children may misbehave and not know why.

These are all reasons to take our authority over the wiles of the enemy, activate scripture against the situation, and take our authority, in Jesus name!

Learn how to apply your authority with the power of God’s Word, and watch negativity change.  People may not know why, but peace should about all around you!

Our next issue comes out September 26, 2016.  Please share with anyone who needs encouragement, today.

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