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Negative Environments Do Not Have to Hinder Future Success

An old childhood saying goes something like this, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”  I think whoever coined this phrase had good intentions, but got it wrong.  Calling someone names repeatedly can hurt especially if it is by someone that you care about or admire and has the potential to leave a person emotionally scarred if left undealt with.

The same hold true for negative environments whether it is in the home, or workplace.  Negativity breeds negativity.  Not only can it hamper self-worth in individuals, but causes unnecessary stress to those that become victims to it.  Environments that are judgmental, critical, or negative can drain people’s emotions, and can physically drain a person.  The individual ends up feeling tired and drained at the end of the day because so much energy is consumed in constant battle whether it is performance related, or merely trying to survive another day.  Negativity simple drains you of energy, and negative people are like leaches- they try to suck the joy out of you.

The good news is that you don’t have to feel defeated or drained at the hands of another individual.  If you grew up in a negative environment, your present and future do not have to mimic your past, nor do you have to live deflated.

In our June issue, we will discuss how establishing personal boundaries can help in negative/abusive situations and how to effectively deal with these type of people.  We will also discuss how to overcome low self-worth and self-esteem, and how to propel you into the victorious path that God has set before you.

Learn how to turn what Satan designed for evil into God’s glory and never look back in our next issue coming out on May 26th.

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