May result in potentially pulling Super Bowl

The National Football League is in disagreement with the state of Georgia for potentially passing a bill protecting Christians who do not support same sex marriage.  The NFL is joined by both the NBA and NCAA.

As a result, the NFL is threatening to move a potential Super Bowl from Georgia to another state should the bill be passed.  NFL spokesman, Brian McCarthy and Atlanta Falcon’s owner, Arthur Blank are attempting to stop House Bill 757 that would protect Christians.

So far, the bill has passed both houses of the Georgia Legislature, but has not been signed by Republican Governor Nathan Deal.  Numerous Georgia businesses are also against the bill including Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, Google, Home Depot, Porsche, and Wells Fargo.

“This is another example of the gay agenda coming out against Christians,” states 4 Winds Christian Athletics president Steve McConkey. “The NFL and other sport associations, plus big business, are joining forces with the gay elite establishment to penalize Christians if they do not support homosexuality. This is an attack on Christian freedom.”

4 Winds Christian Athletics is a sports ministry near the University of Wisconsin football stadium in Madison.  $ Winds Christian Athletics stands up for Christian athletes globally.