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Nigerian Government Attempts to Repatriate Former Boko Haram Fighters

Nigeria is now making progress against Boko Haram.  However, it is now facing new issues created by terrorists who voluntarily surrender their weapons.  The country is now pondering as to how to reintegrate the former fighters into society and to ensure that they will no longer pose a security threat.
Operation Safe Corridor was established by the Nigerian military to repatrieate surrendered Boko Haram fighters.  It will take the former terrorists through vocational training seesions with the end result being more productive citizens.  Defense Ministry spokesman, Rabe Abubakar urges other fighters that are still out there to surrender and benefit from the program.
In a written statement, Abubakar warned, “The final onslaught against the remnant group of the terrorists would continue unabated and would not relent until the power of evil forces in the northeast is completely neutralized.”
Recently, Nigeria’s miliary reported that several fighters have surrendered at its bases, emaciated and begging for food, after foot supply routes were blocked to the terrorits’ camps.
Under Nigeria’s previous administration, a de-radicalization program was estabilshed in two prisons.  Local authorities have not commented as to whether the programs have been maintained, and analysis says that their efficacy has yet to be proven.
“It was about some religious leaders engaging in dialogue with Boko Haram insurgents, trying to have another religious narrative,” said William Assanvo, a terrorism expert with the Institute for Security Studies in Dakar, Senegal. “We don’t know how effective and efficient this program has been so far.”
Boko Haram’s leaders show disdain at calls for surrender.  A video on social media last week showed nine masked men holding AK-47s in an unknown location saying that the group offers no truce or possibilities for negotiations.  The majority of territory that was once held by Boko Haram has been seized by local forces, however the terrorist group continues to launch attacks.
“Boko Haram’s capability to fight has significantly been affected and it’s not in a position to engage in confrontation, but I think Boko Haram still presents a threat,” Assanvo said.
Additionally, the Nigerian government is having challenges in processing thousands of former Boko Haram captives.  In the past six weeks, 11,595 civilians have been rescued across the region by mulinational troups.  The troups have temporarily resettled many of the freed women and children in internally displaced persons camps.

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