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Noah’s Ark Replica Moves to Brazil for 2016 Olympics and Paralmpics

Procedes from Noah’s Ark to Help Underprivileged in Brazil

The Ark of Noah Foundation located in Pasedena, California, has been strategically collaborating with the owner of the full size replica of Noah’s Ark to move its location to Fortaleza and Reio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Noah’s Ark will be placed in Fortaleza for the 2016 Olympic Games and in Rio de Janeiro for the Paralympic summer games. The ark is a huge replica that acts as an interactive, informative, and cultural Biblical event center.  It provides a Judeo-Christian Bible based experience for people of all ages.

Once the Ark has been relocated to Brazil, it will be utilizing techniques that include virtual and augmented reality to retell various biblical themes and stories in an interactive and thought provoking manner.  Brazil’s population is over 190 million out of which 28% are Protestant and 60% Catholic.

Johan Huibers is the builder of the Ark, and is excited to see the fulfillment of his vision.  His autobiography entitled, “The Unsinkable Dream” tells of his dream in which he visualizes the “ark” in the port of Rio de Janeiro.

The Ark of Noah Foundation and its partners are financing the entire project.  The U.S. crowd funding campaign is currently underway, and both private and international donors will be approached shortly.

Noah’s Ark opened in July 2012 to the general public and has been on display for four years.  The Ark contains the real dimensions of the Ark mentioned in the Bible which is 95 feet wide, 75.5 feet high, 410 feet long and weighs approximately 2500 tons.

The foundation hopes to use the proceeds of the use of the Ark of Noah in Brazil to build Ark of Hope centers country wide.  They will provide social, educational and practical support to underprivileged people living in Brazil.

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