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Jacksonville Citizens Voice Concerns Over Nondiscrimination Policy

And Victory Was Theirs!

Jacksonville City Council considered adding sexual orientation and gender identity to its nondiscrimination policy.  This move would allow the Human Rights Commission the right to investigate discrimination complaints, issue fines, and refer cases for criminal prosecution.  Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, stated that the public, however, voice their strong disapproval to the ordinance.

Staver said, “Especially the more that it came to light how far-reaching this so-called transgender bathroom bill really is … allowing men to use women’s restrooms, shower facilities and impinging on religious freedom, even impacting churches and certainly faith-based or Christian-operated businesses,”

Staver also commended about pastors who opposed it and motivated their congregations to take action.  He says it can be done in any community with a great deal of success.

“I think what we’re now starting to see is that people are finally becoming educated as to what these so-called transgender or bathroom bills or sexual orientation bills are really about,” says Staver.

Staver further commented that it is not about discrimination, but about the pushing of a radical homosexual agenda on the public.  He says that the more the public recognizes this, the more they are saying no.

After a great public backlash against the ordinance, the lead sponsor withdrew it from consideration.



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