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Benham Brothers Call Obama’s Transgender Policies Chaos

In 2014, David and Jason Benham saw their planned reality show with HGTV scrapped due to their biblical views on marriage and are currently chastising President Obama’s transgender bathroom policy for public schools calling it “a loophole for deviant men to go in and prey upon women and girls.”

In a video posted on Facebook, Jason Benham said that the policy is leading American into absolute chaos.  “Here’s the interesting thing – you guys remember the movie ‘The Dark Knight,’ when the Joker is hanging off the building, and Batman is holding onto him, and [asks] ‘What do you want?’ and the Joker says ‘Chaos!’ – well that’s what we’re experiencing right now.”

He also commented, “The issue is the revolution, and the revolution is chaos.”

He further said that it is Satan’s desire to not only destroy marriage, but also family, people individually, and total destruction.  This, he says, is what we are currently witnessing.

Public schools were informed by the Department of Justice and Department of Education on Friday that they may provide separate facilities based on sex, but must also allow transgender students to access facilities according to their gender identity.

Schools were also warned that if they refused to comply, they would risk losing federal funding, or risk lawsuits.  Numerous conservative lawmakers and politicians have condemned the directive and have accused Obama of overstepping his constitutional authority.

Obama, however, claims that he issued this new directive because he wanted to make sure that children were being treated with dignity.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Obama said, “We’re talking about kids. And anybody who’s been in a school, in a high school, who’s been a parent, I think should realize that kids who are sometimes in the minority, kids who have a different sexual orientation or are transgender, are subject to a lot of bullying.”

The cancellation of the Benham brother’s show made headlines due to their opposition of gay marriage and abortion.  Now, they are speaking out nationally advocating religious liberty.  It is their mission to call Christians to reach out with compassion to everyone with the love of Christ while “resting with courage the agenda set against our freedoms and faith.”

In an interview with the Gospel Herald in February, David Benham commented that, “Christians have not been the conscience of the state”.  He elaborates by saying that we have turned our lights off, and that by doing so, darkness prevails.  He says that the reason why America is in chaos is because the church has retreated from culture and confined itself in a “holy huddle” inside of the church building.  He feels that the church should be on fire for Christ again and engage with issues that are not godly- not from an issues-fighting perspective, but from a “Hey, if we do it God’s way, we’re blessed.” perspective.

“Do you know what it would be like if you lived for a week without a conscience? It would be chaos. When the church has withdrawn itself from the public dialogue…then our conscience, our state’s conscience, our government’s conscience, our nation’s conscience, goes dark. When that happens, then we enter God’s judgement.” Jason added.

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