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Oosterhoff Won On Canadian Campaign Based On Pro Family and Pro Life

(Canada)- A 19 year old homeschool graduate and pro-life advocate won a Canadian provincial by-election Thursday night by a landslide.  Sam Oosterhoff also became the youngest Member of Provincial Parliament in Ontario history.

Oosterhoff suspended his first year of Political Science at Brock University to run in the by-election and emerged victorious in the Niagara West-Glanbrook riding winning 54% of the constituency from the former Progressive Conservative leader, Tim Hudak.

Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) said that Oosterhoff won despite a “relentless smear campaign” by the Liberal party and mainstream media.

Oosterhoff ran a pro-life and pro-family campaign which resulted in the highest vote percentage over the previous five elections, according to Fonseca.  Oosterhoff’s vote was a 28% increase over Hudak’s 41.8% in 2014.

The PC Party was stunned last month when Oosterhoff beat political veteran Rick Dykastra in the PC nomination.

Oosterhoff promised during his campaign that he would be “a voice for common-sense, pro-family policies and concerns”.  He vowed to never waver in support of parents as primary educators, and would strive to ensure that parental rights were respected in education.

Fonseca noted that Oosterhoff demonstrates that PC candidates can be unapologetic about their beliefs and still win.  He says that by tapping in to values voters may offer candidates a political advantage.

“It also shows that opposing Kathleen Wynne’s radical sex curriculum was a winning strategy for Niagara West-Glanbrook,” he commented. “And believe me, the people of Niagara West-Glanbrook cast their ballots for the socially-conservative Sam, not for the liberal Patrick Brown.”

Queenie Yu has stated, “Now that Sam has won, I hope he won’t let Patrick Brown silence him.”

Yu added that the Liberal’s Bill 28 is coming up for a third reading vote.

Reporters had asked Oosterhoff if he would oppose Bill 28, but he reportedly doged all questions.

Brown notes that the Tories are in support of the Wynne government’s “All Parents are Equal”bill which legally restructures family by substituting “parent” for “mother” and “father” to accommodate homosexual couples using IVF to conceive, according to the Star.

Yu urges Sam to vote against Bill 28 as Ontario parents are counting on him to stand up for their rights.

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