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Learn How to Re-Energize Your Life and Overcome Challenges

Prolonged levels of stress can leave you feeling tired, and defeated in the natural.  Challenges can wear us down if we let them.  This can effect our prayer life, and lead many to second guess what they were believing for.

This second guessing, however, is how Satan plants seeds of doubt in a believer’s mind, and gets us very subtly off of our faith walk.  Doubts begin to surface as to whether the Bible really says that, or is that was God really told you to do.  Are you sure you heard Him right?  Maybe this just isn’t meant to be.

All of these nagging doubts effect our faith and diminish it.  With diminished faith, we don’t have the energy or strength to fight back against challenges.  This is when Satan has us in his cross-hairs.  His tactics generate confusion and indecision.  We become less confident in God and our relationship with Him weakens.

It is during these times that we need to lean on God for strength, and draw our strength from Him.  It comes from knowing that often, we can’t and shouldn’t do things on our own.  We should cast our cares unto Him, and know that He will take care of us.  God loves us, and we are His children.  He wants to guide us, but our faith in Him cannot be hindered.

We have to know that God has the best for us, and to quiet the Devil’s “noise”.  Trials are a time to dig deeper in scripture and to combat the wiles of the enemy.  God is faithful to fulfill His promises.  If the Bible says it, so it is.  End of story.  It is guaranteed, and if God guarantees it, what is there to worry about?

Learn in this issue how to overcome feelings of defeat by trials, and how to lean into God for strength.  Discover how to increase your faith and overcome those situations giving you grief.  You can be victorious in Christ.

Learn how to continue to walk in victory in our next issue coming out on July 26, 2016!

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