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Panamanians Protest Sex Education and Gender Ideology Bill

One hundred thousand Panamanians protested against a new national bill introducing sexuality education and gender ideology into their schools.

In an interview given to C-Fam, Juan Francisco de la Guardia said, “This law is a colonization attempt. It was written and imposed on Panama by UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and it is not the fruit of our legislature’s will,”

De la Guardia is the president of the Panamanian Alliance for Life and Family.  He was one of the organizers of the march.

Despite strong protests, Panamanian Parliament, Ruben de Leon Sanchez claims the law will proceed to the health committee, and discussed by the state’s legislature.

The bill was introduced by deputy of the Democratic Revolutionary Party Crispiano Adames.  It is designed after the Comprehensive Sexuality Education that was sponsored by the UN agencies.  The program has several biases exposed by notable commentators.  It also has its basis on the recognition of minors’ rights to sexual and reproductive health.

Panamanians strongly object to the programs promotion of children’s sexualization and the way it endorses sexual activity.  Additionally, it invites children to experiment with homosexuality, and downplays traditional social roles as sexist.

CSE advocates view abortion as a “right”, while Panama protects unborn children in its laws with the exception of the mother’s life being endangered, or in the cases of rape or incest.

Panamanian law does not criminalize homosexuality, but does prohibit same-sex marriage.  It also excludes legality of marriages performed outside of the country.  Panamanians view these laws as an expression of their sovereignty and a reflection of their values.

de la Guardia made an official statement after the march emphasizing parental rights, freedom of religion, and the right to object the bill.  de la Guardia urged a return to effective education programs such as School for Parents that was previously dropped by the state.

Studies have concluded that the CSE has been proven ineffective.  Results indicate that it did not alleviate the issues that it was supposed to address on issues such as teen pregnancy and STD’s.  Research did indicate that programs based on abstinence led to favorable results.



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