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Israel Optimistic About Outcome Of Paris Peace Conference

The “lackluster outcome” of Sunday’s Paris peace conference was deemed a victory for Israel, according to their new Foreign Ministry chief.  Israel’s decision not to show up, they felt, sent a strong message to the international community.  In addition, the Palestines were not represented at the conference either.

At the end of December, Director General Yuval Rotem took over the position of Foreign Ministry, and provided his first interview to Israeli media after the Paris gathering.

The conference in Paris was designed to resolve Israeli-Palestine conflict and to reinforce a two-state solution.

According to Rotem, the results from the meeting pleased Israel as it did not impose any new obligations on Israel, and “finished without any mechanism or follow up” on plans for achieving peace.


“We also succeeded to a certain extent in preventing any followup, any new enforcement mechanism and any new supervision mechanism,” he said.

Rotem recognizes the importance of direct recognition of Israel as a national home for the Jewish people.  He added that this is something that hte international community fails to recognize.

There were initial concerns going into the conference for Israel.  They feared that the Security Council would pass resolutions against settlements and generate new tactics against Israel.  Their fears were unfounded, so far, as the “problematic passages” were not included in the Paris document.  Additionally, no further action against these settlements is planned at the Security Council as promiced by US Secretary of State, John Kerry.

Rotem noted that British and Russian foreign ministers were absent, and the UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutterres.  Rotem feels that the decision was based on their intent to develop a coordinated position with President-elect Trump.  Additionally, Britain refused to sign the conference’s final joint decision.

Rotem said in The Times of Israel, “Not just us, but many players in the international arena are waiting to see Trump’s approach.”


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