It has been touted as “the most dangerous legislation ever to come out of the revolutionary “gay” activist movement” by some.  The federal “Equality Act” proposes to add sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes in the Civil Rights code.

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By … – Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Public Domain, Link

Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) vows that if the Democratic Party wins the house in today’s election, and she becomes the Speaker, her top priority will become passing the Equality Act.  The Equality Act already has 198 co-sponsors in the House with all but two being Democrats.

Peter LaBarbera, President of the Americans For Truth About Homosexuality ( calls the act the “Criminalizing Christianity Act” according to  He says that it would criminalize morality and undermine religious freedoms by following their convictions on areas such as homosexual marriage ceremonies and taxpayer’s funding of sex-reassignment surgeries.

Heritage Foundation scholar, Ryan Anderson, wrote in his article explaining the Act that, “By making ‘gender identity’ a protected class, the government would force Americans to embrace transgender ideology in a variety of settings…elevating “gender identity” to a protected class across our federal antidiscrimination laws could impose a nationwide transgender bathroom policy, a nationwide pronoun policy, a nationwide sex-reassignment health care mandate….”

The reference to a pronoun policy suggests punishments for individuals who use “he” or “him”, “she” or “her” to describe biological males/females who identify as the opposite gender.

“While social media corporation’s liberal censorship is a huge problem, conservatives’ SELF-censorship is a bigger problem,” LaBarbera said. “If Christians and conservatives are afraid to even discuss the homosexual agenda, how can we ever hope to defeat it?”

LaBarbera further makes an interesting point, “Here’s the bottom line: the same social leftists who decades ago whined, ‘Don’t impose your morality on us!’ are working hard to impose their anti-Christian IMMORALITY on everyone—and that’s exactly what the federal Equality Act would do. In the guise of expanding ‘civil rights,’ it would force Americans to honor ‘Gay’ instead of God, corrupting children and crushing freedom in the process.”