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In The Eye Of The Storm? Unlock The Key To Perfect Peace!

The Word has never promised that we would have a life without trouble.  In fact, it tells us that we will suffer persecution and hate for His name’s sake.  Additionally, it says to remember that if the world does not love us (as we walk in the way of Christ that lives within us), that it hated Him first.  Life, simply put, has its storms.  While they are never pleasant, they are a part of being on earth.  What determines our future is how we deal with these storms.

Storms don’t have to be traumatic.  God has promised us a “peace that surpasses all understanding” during difficult times.  For some, this sense of calm will mentally feel unnatural as we are conditioned to panic when thing aren’t going well.  However, God’s peace is supernatural and refreshing.  It exists when you are sitting in the middle of the eye of the storm and have perfect peace.  That perfect peace comes from knowing that we have a Lord and Saviour that is taking care of us- fighting on our behalf- and that everything will be okay.  It comes from trusting in Him, and having faith.

Lisa Stillwell will discuss how to have that perfect peace in the midst of even the most difficult of circumstances.  She will guide you into having that peace that surpasses all understanding, and how to rest in it.  Follow her steps, and there will be no fear.  Everything will be fine as long as your trust remains in the Lord.

Our September issue will be released on the Faith Filled Family website on August 28, 2017!  Share with those who may need peace that surpasses all understanding in their lives.  They WILL receive their victory, in Jesus’ name!


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