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Pew Research Center Announces More Christians Are In The Senate

Many Christians prayed to the Lord during the last election to have godly people put into public office.   According to an analysis conducted by Pew Research Center, God heard your prayers!

According to a recent analysis, Pew Research Center just announced that the United States Congress is about as Christian today as it was in the sixties.

The report notes that almost 91% of members of the 115th Congress describe themselves as being Christian.  Interestingly, among Congress members serving from 1961 to 1962, 95% were Christians (compiled by CQ Roll Call).

Pew Research Center also noted that there are more Christians serving in Congress than Americans who describe themselves as Christian (71%).

Associate Director for research at Pew, Greg Smith, noted in his research that there while there were many Americans who had no religious affiliation, this percentage was not reflected in Congress.  He explained these findings on Christian Headlines by citing, “One possible explanation is people tell us they would rather vote for an elected representative who is religious than for one who is not religious.”

Previous Pew polls have indicated that over 50% of voters are less likely to vote for a nonbelieving candidate which was ten times the number who said that they would vote for a non-believer.

Additionally, a 2014 study concluded that 60% of U.S. adults felt that it was important that Congress members have strong religious beliefs.

The 115th Congress, comparative to 1961 contains seven fewer Protestants, four more Catholics, and six fewer Christians.  Congress overall contains fewer Protestants dropping from 75% to 56% since 1960.  Catholics, on the other hand, increased by 22%.

13% of the new members are of non-Christian faiths with 9% reporting being Jewish.

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