Planetboom, the dynamic youth ministry of Planetshakers Church, will be releasing its fifth single, “Run To You” on November 9 through Venture3 Media.  “Run To You” was written following a sermon from Russell Evans (Senior Pastor, Planetshakes Church) which discussed teaching youth the proper response to God after making mistakes.  This powerful song is based on Hebrews 4:15-16.

PlanetboomThe youth culture at Planetboom represents 60 nationalities, and is finding its own expression.  Many at the church are known for recognizing and nurturing talents and giftings.   Noah Walker, who is the vocalist for ‘Run To You” was no exception.

Noah did not believe that his voice was good enough to sing.  Yet it’s this sweet-sounding voice that makes “Run To You” so amazing.  In addition to “Run To You”, Noah as also done a spoken-word rap on “Jesus Over Everything”


“Run To You” Planetboom

This song is a soulful yet somewhat playful ballad.  Noah Walker’s voice is so sweet sounding, smooth, and powerful that it is absolutely breathtaking to listen to.  It is captivating right from the first note, and listeners can hear the passion in his voice right from the beginning.  The song will speak directly to your soul and will minister to you on such a deep level.

Run To You is about running to God at all times.  It about needing God with your whole heart, and how God is there through it all.  It describes how God will never forsake us, but will be there through it all.  It talks about how we are forgiven for all mistakes, and covered by God’s grace.  Listeners are drawn to the message of someone running to the throne of Jesus and taking refuge in His presence.  It is about surrendering to God’s love completely, and the realization that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.

This song in nothing short of amazing.  I can’t stop listening to it.  The vocals are beautiful, the message ministers to you, and brings images to your mind of a loving Father.  It has a very urban feel, with hints of an eighties sound in places.  It is a song that you can praise God to, and will just take you to new heights in your relationship with Him.  This power ballad is a must for any Christian’s music collection.

Planetboom has released three songs over the past year, and all have received amazing results (2.4 million views on YouTube collectively).  Run To You is no different.  More new music is slated for next year from Planetboom.  To stay up-to-date on more amazing songs, and for further information, you can visit their website here.