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Plant a Seed App Reaches People on a Global Scale For Christ

A revolutionary Christian app called, “Plant a Seed” is currently raising funds and Indiegogo to bring the project to life.

Plant a Seed is looking to reach people on a global scale by allowing users to receive Christ, get encouragement, prayer and support in their native language.  Plant a Seed is the first to pioneer a global level of reach in Christian-based apps, and has accomplished this by making their app available in many international languages.

Featured languages will include English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and more.  It will also be able to offer the app in sign language for users in the deaf and HOH community.

Founder Rita Smith says, “I grew up in what would be called a tough and dysfunctional childhood, my life truly turned around when I received Christ, developed a deeper relationship with Him and followed His leading to help others and spread the Gospel.  My passion for helping people, planting seeds and seeing their lives changed inspired me to learn how to say “Jesus loves you” in 18 languages, to those I encountered. After I received such a positive response and saw how much this blessed them, I became motivated to create the app.”

Rita further goes on to explain that there are many Christians living in persecuted areas wherein they are forbidden to go to church, or are not permitted to even be a Christian.  Additionally, there are places that have never even heard of Christ.  Smith explains that Plant a Seed will accomplish all of this and more by “utilizing the power and scale of technology and by being available in many languages ensuring users worldwide can draw closer to Christ.
Users, after selecting their language, are able to access a menu of options which include: Receive Christ, Get Prayer, Encouragement, Support, Scriptures, Social Networking, Find a Church and other resources.
For more information, please click here: Plant A Seed App

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