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Who Do You Seek To Please At Work: Man or God?

Working for the Lord

In a May 2014 posting on Forbes.com, a contributor indicated that at one of the lowest times in the U.S economy work attrition remained high during a period when we would have expected employees to do all they could to hold onto their jobs. The contributor reminded us of the old adage that people quit their bosses and not their jobs and went on to give traits of poor leadership that draw people out of their jobs.

My assumption from this observation is that many go to work to serve their bosses. I was a victim of this during my tenor of employment, I would continually model my behavior to meet the expectations of the boss. It was a despairing affair without much success, for looking back, I can see that I was never able to find true satisfaction working in such a manner.

Indeed now, I can see that it is a folly for any man to subject themselves to the heart of another man that even deceives its own. Does not the word of truth say about a man’s heart that: ‘He that trusts in his own heart is a fool?” Because I fully handed over my need for direction and affirmation to my boss, I also left myself open to all his imperfections and was scarred by them. Poor leadership will always scar those who look to their leader to define their personal merit.

I find that the only place of contentment at work is to work for the Lord and not man. God calls us to “work as bond servants of Christ doing the will of God from the heart with goodwill doing service as to the Lord and not to men.” I find that one who subjects themselves to the authority of God at work will not be left scarred by the imperfections of a leader.  I say this is because their work will be defined in God and His word in some of the ways mentioned below:

  1. They shall not allow their self – worth to be defined by their earthy masters but shall be content in the truth of God’s word that are they not only fearfully and wonderfully made but also a new creation in Jesus Christ.
  2. They will not be scarred by their leader’s imperfections as they shall not expect perfection from any man but rather at all times remain forgiving and in prayer for the authority that has been placed above them.
  3. They will not be dependent on direction in their career from their bosses but all times seek the intervention from the Holy Spirit even at work as indeed it is said of sons of God that they are led by the Spirit of God.

I also see that one who works unto the Lord will not be complacent at work because Jesus teaches us that a servant who only does as they are instructed to do is unworthy. I understand this to mean that their measure of performance shall be according to God’s standard according to the gifts He has given. Therefore if I was able to deliver an assignment in 1 day and did it in 3 as instructed by my supervisor, though I may be pleasing before my boss, I will remain contemptible in God’s sight. I also see in this requirement that God demands of us to continually seek to exceed our mental limitations therefore bringing the need for His supernatural intervention through Faith into our work.

Surely any Human Resource manager would confirm that a staff who not only delivers supernatural results at work, but is content will be a star performer and well placed for promotion. I therefore see that for Christians to tap into God’s divine promotion and become heads and not tails in the workplace; will require an attitude of working unto the Lord according to His word and not man by playing the office politics.





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Lameck is from Uganda. After a train smash encounter with Christ that threw to a tail spin a 17 year banking career, he turned to writing in an attempt to reach many for Christ. It is in writing that he has found purpose sharing the life changing truths of the Word of God, drawn from his own experiences in the salvation journey, family and the workplace.
Lameck shares a weekly messages titled “Walking in Christ” on https://wordpresscom4103.wordpress.com

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One comment

  1. This is a riveting article, indeed. I like how Lameck explains his thoughts on scripture. And I agree that we must not be complacent at work. We are to work in a spirit of excellence because it is truly God whom we are working for. So, the manner we treat our co-workers, follow thru on our tasks, respect our boss, should be a reflection of our relationship with the Lord. Even in the work culture, others should see Christ in all we do. Great job Lameck Otim.