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Graduation From High School Was Great- Now What?

Parents Play an Important Role in Their Child’s Decisions- Learn how to Guide them Through This One

Graduation is a wonderfully blissful time of year wherein most children feel that wonderful combination of a sense of accomplishment for finishing their studies and anxiousness as to what lies ahead.  They are questioning where they belong, and they want to know what God has planned for them.  They want to know what their purpose is in this world, where do they go from here- school or work, and many wonder what path they should take.

For those that know what God has called them to do after graduation and require further education, they want to know where to go, what is the best school for them, and do they meet the requirements.  There is anxiousness as to whether they will be accepted or not to the institution of their choice, and sometimes there are let downs over a rejection letter.

With all this activity going on, how can a parent navigate their children in the right direction?  How can they be there to provide direction, and most importantly, how do you cushion your child when a door shuts?

Parents want the best for their children and to protect them.  However, as an adult, we can’t protect them as we once did when they were children.  It is now our role to guide them with godly wisdom and trust that we have done our job well in instilling good decision making skills to them.

This issue will discuss how parents can navigate their children through the path of “I’ve graduated-  what happens next?”  We will discuss how parents can help their children choose the right school and what they should be looking for in a school to protect their children’s faith.

We answer the question as to whether parents should be involved in this decision, as their children are now adults, and how much of a role they should play.

Our July issue will be released on our website on June 27, 2016.  Stay tuned for more articles dealing with “Preparing the Next Generation“.

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