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Today’s Prayer: Bring Our Nations Peace in the Midst of Unrest

Heavenly Father, today we pray that acts of violence would cease throughout the nations.  We ask that You soften the hard of heart.  We pray that You remove the bitter root of injustice and allow healing to take place.  It is not your desire that we live in pain, nor is it your desire to see your children engage in violent acts- even in the name of “justice”.

We pray for those that are unsaved to have an encounter with You.  They need to know that You will heal their hurts, that justice will come through You, and that You will protect them.  Let them know that they need not have fear- that you will give them peace and protect them from harm.  Let them know the depths of your love.  Let them know that they are special to you because they are your children.

We pray for the families who have been touched by tragedy.  We pray peace over those that grieve, and give them strength to endure going forward.  Do not let their thoughts be clouded by hate to mistrust, but teach them how to forgive.

We pray over law enforcement.  God, you know their hearts.  Please let what is hidden- down to hidden thoughts- be revealed.  Deal with hearts that are not right according to your Word.  Teach them to see people the way you do- open their eyes to the truth.  For those whose intent is harm, please remove them so that innocent people do not suffer.  We pray that all persecution in all forms ceases.

We pray protection over our police and their families.  Place Godly men and women in power throughout our justice system.  Promote those that believe in your Word and are of godly character.  Remove all hint of corruption.

Lord we thank you for those you have placed in authority.  Teach us to respect them.  Teach us to be thankful for the work that they do in protecting us each day, and for sacrificing their lives for our safety.  Please bless and favor them.  Teach our law-makers to enforce rules that place you at the center.  May laws that support Scripture be put in place.

Lord, we pray against acts of terrorism occurring throughout the globe.  May all involved come to know you, Jesus.  Make yourself known to them.  Let them know that they need you.  Open their hearts, and may they turn from their ways.  Open their eyes to the truth- we pray that they will no longer be blinded by deceit.

We pray for ourselves- that you heal any hurts or burdens we may be carrying.  Let our voice be used as an instrument of glory and to create godly change in our world.  Let us positively impact lives, and teach us how to be a reflection of your light.

We pray for your peace where there is unrest, and your wisdom to shine going forward.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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