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Preparing Your Child For The Next Phase In Life

As she watched her son’s car fade into the distance, tears that she had choked back earlier flowed freely down her face.  Her husband placed his arm around her waist drawing her close in comfort.  She had always known that the moment would come when he would leave the nest.  She just never thought that it would arrive so quickly.

The couple turned around and headed back in.  Their footsteps echoed in the sounds of the silent house.  It was just the two of them, again.

Parents are never prepared for the moment when their child leaves for their next phase of life.  It comes all too soon, for some.  Some parents want to hold on forever.  Yet deep down, they know that their children must someday face the world on their own.

Then, there is the transition from being a family back to being a couple again.

This next issue will discuss how to transition your children from being a teen to an adult.  It asks the question of how and when to release them into the world.  Are they prepared for what lies ahead?

This article will talk about the emotions involved in letting go, preparing your child for a smooth transition, and becoming a couple again.

Letting go is never easy, but knowing that you did a good job raising them is the best reward.  Learn how to equip your children to succeed in life.

Our next issue entitled, Preparing the Next Generation, will be released June 27th.


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