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Prince Hassan of Jordan Calls For a Uniting of Faiths In Combating ISIS

Prince Hassan of Jordan commented that Christians, Jews and Muslims must unite in combating the “apocalyptic vision” of ISIS.

ISIS doesn’t just target Christians, but has historically shown itself capable of murdering indiscriminately other Muslims as it has other religions regardless of nationality.

In a column Prince Hassan wrote in conjunction with Dr. Ed Kessler, he comments that Christianity has been an essential piece of the Middle East for two thousand years as opposed to the popular believe by some that it is part of western culture.  It was born in the Middle East and exported as a gift to the world as a commandment from Christ.  “Christian communities,” he says, “Are intrinsic to the development of Arab culture.”

“Helping to end this dangerous slide towards hatred, self-destruction and fratricidal conflict is the main challenge for all of us involved in interfaith dialogue. This requires us to step up our efforts to increase understanding that what unites the three great faiths of our region is far greater than any differences. We must stress, too, that respect for the past and learning from it does not require us to live there.”

While it has been pointed out that violence has been committed by Muslims, Jews and Christians via justifying certain scriptures to commit heinous acts in God’s name, they empathize with the importance of interpretation.  Interpretation, according to Hassan and Kessler, provides us with the ability to deal with certain texts that we find contrary to the fundamental values of our tradition.

Prince Hassan and Kessler conclude by calling a cessation to the hate and atrocities that are occurring in their region and beyond.

“Peace and humanity itself hang upon the success of this interfaith exercise. It is that important.”


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