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Pro-Wrestler Turns Pastor in The Masked Saint

Brett Granstaff’s award winning film, “The Masked Saint” shares the story of a surprising man, who is both pastor and pro wrestler.

The Masked Saint centers around the life of Chris Samuels (played by Brett Granstaff) who is a professional wrestler and family man who comes to the revelation that he needs something more in his life.  Believing that his true calling is to become a pastor, Chris retires from wrestling and moves his family to a small town.

Soon Chris discovers that his ring-side battles are minor compared with the challenges that he faces within the new church.  From an overbearing congregant to failing attendance to bills piling up for church repairs, Samuels soon feels overwhelmed.

Both  Chris Samuels and Brett Granstaff provided interviews for our November issue of Faith Filled Family, and give further insight into this gripping movie.

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Michelle has a passion for seeing families live victoriously in Christ, and she doesn't just write about a life with God, but she lives it as well.

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