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Common Questions Regarding Faith and Prayer Answered

How is your faith?  Faith is an interesting topic because it is an intangible.  It is the undeniable conviction that God exists, and that He both hears and answers your prayers.  It is the unwaivering belief that God will act on a situation when everything in the natural may dictate otherwise, and believing that God’s promises are real for you.

Faith is easy in good times, but when we are tested, well, that’s another story!  Many of us have had it stretched, and in some situations, we wonder if we will receive what God’s promises.  We secretly wonder if He has heard our prayer, if/when will He answer our prayer, why isn’t He answering our prayer, and why aren’t things moving.

In this issue, receive answers to common questions such as:

  1. When you are operating in faith, or foolishness.
  2. How to we strengthen our faith.
  3. Discerning God’s voice from Satan’s
  4. Why does God test our faith and how do we know?
  5. Why do some prayers go unanswered?
  6. Are my prayers delayed, or are they unanswered?  Why?  What do I do?
  7. Maintaining your faith through tragedy

And many more!

This issue will delve into topics that many readers have questions about, but no answers to.  We hope this issue will strengthen you, your faith, your family, and lead you into the victory that God has designed for you!

Next issue comes out on April 26, 2016

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