Hindus Experience Miracles as Well

Various districts in India have been noted for their extreme persecution of Christians.  Now, however, they are massive evangelistic events wherein hundreds of Hindus and tribal animist are accepting Jesus as Savior.

According to a report released from Christian Aid Mission, the predominantly Hindu Kandhamal District located in eastern India was considered at one time to be a “hotbed” of Hindu persecution of Christians.

The height of this activity peaked in 2008 when Hindu leader Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati, who was viewed as a messiah by many Hindus, was murdered.  Radical Hindus began spreading rumours that Christians were the result of his death despite non-Christian Maoists claiming that they had committed the act.

Thus Hindu extremists retaliated against Christians wounding thousands, destroying 300 churches, leveling 6,000 homes, and displacing 50,000 people for months.  Mobs shouted praises of Hindu gods while carrying tridents.  They shot Christians, burned them with fire and acid, dismembered them, beat them, raped them, and forced them to undergo reconversion ceremonies which included drinking water laced with cow feces.  Due to the persecution, many Christians fled to the jungles only to die from disease or snake bites.

Presently, Christians are detested for being from lower classes and experience face shunning as they are viewed as “anti-Indian” because they embrace a faith perceived as “western”.  Fox News reports a documented 26 cases of religiously motivated violence against Christians across the subcontinent since the beginning of this year.  However, Hindu radicals enjoy almost complete immunity for their misdeeds.

Deadly Jungle Sites Now Used for Evangelism

Now, those deadly jungle sites which took so many Christian lives are used for evangelistic events, which an indigenous ministry director reports as hugely successful.  To date, the group has held fourteen events since August 2015 with 1,000-2,000 people attending each one.

“By God’s grace we are holding evangelistic jungle camps everywhere the violence took place,” he said. “It is God’s doing. The violence took place almost everywhere in Kandhamal District. We held a jungle camp at one village church, and in 2008 that church building had been attacked, broken and set on fire, and the believers had fled to the jungle for safety.”

The indigenous ministry director commented that people are enthusiastic about accepting God as their Lord and Savior despite persecution.  Thousands are gathering in the jungle camps in Kanhamal District to hear the gospel.  People are being encouraged to live out their new faith.

Miracles and Deliverance Presently Occuring

In The Gospel Herald, the director testifies that many miracles have occured.  He recollects the story of a 53-year-old woman who placed her faith in God and was subsequently baptized along with her husband earlier in the month.

Previously, her Hindu devotion led to drinking water claimed to have been used to wash the late Saraswati’s feet.  She later bounced from one religion to another, but had despised Christians her whole life.

She ended up worshipping multiple gods and godesses, and was healed in the name of Jesus from being possessed by an evil spirit which led her to seek out various faiths for freedom from illness and sadness.  She is completely healed, and testifying about God’s goodness.

Another Hindu decided to leave all of his idols and follow Christ.  The man’s son wandered around the jungles plagued with a mental illness and has significantly improved since being prayed over.

The man had spent thousands of rupees for his son’s treatment, and multiple pigs, chickens and goats were sacrificed in front of gods and godesses for his healing.  However, the father reports that his son never received any relief.

He now asks that people pray for his complete healing as they are planning to take him to a hospital.  They are convinced that through the healing, the entire village will come to know Christ.

Open Door’s USA ranks India as 17th on the World Watch List of countries persecuting Christians.  It notes that under Prime Minister Nerendra Modi, radical Hinuism has steadily increased.

Intolerance continues to be on the rise in this area, and minorities are constantly the subject of attack.  The central government has refused to address the atrocities which further fuels radical Hindus to increase their violent actions.  Impunity levels have increased for those who desire for India to be completely Hindu.

The ministry director reports that he is confident that the light of Christ will prevail in a place of darkness.