Persecutor (Rashid) Witnesses Miracles and Repents

The commander of a fanatical Islamic group, Al-Rashid, whose goal was to convert all nations to fall under Islamic rule recently received a God encounter.

Al-Rashid was angered by the ongoing reports of Muslims converting to Christianity and teaching about the Bible.  Thus, he formed a special task force to persecute Christian leaders who were responsible for the convert, and either convert them to the Muslim faith, or kill them.

Rashid had heard about Pastor Paul who was a former Muslim and a leader of a group of ministries evangelizing Muslims in Asia, the Middle East, and other developing countries.  Pastor Paul and many others were distributing Bibles in numerous languages and forming underground house churches in restricted countries in order to spread the gospel.

The terrorist leader soon developed a plan to murder Pastor Paul’s family, then to capture Pastor Paul, force him to convert back to Islam and then procede to use him as a propagandist against Christianity.

Rashid recollects attacking the family several times, and miraculously, he reports, they escaped and evaded their attempts of capture.

One time, they had initiated a plan to kill the family during the night.  However, they viewed what appeared to be soldiers or gunmen surrounding their house, so they retreated.

Rashid soon discovered that the family lacked adequate food intake, thus making the children somewhat malnourished.  In a plot to kill them, Rashid poisoned fast food and gave it to them.  However, on the way to the house, a dog bit the woman resulting in a serious injury, so she never arrived.

A second woman was sent with poisonous chocolate to give to the children.  Amazingly, the boys ate the chocolate and survived, but the pastor’s daughter got very sick.

Rashid reflects, “I was watching with two others from an ambulance near the hospital to see his daughter’s death. Our plan was to kidnap the dead body along with his family in our ambulance.”

Then Rashid witnessed the miraculous.

“I saw a ball of light came down from the sky and stand over the room where his daughter was lying unconscious,” he says.

To his amazement, he witnessed a hand come out of the ball of light, touch the pastor’s daughter, and she immediately was healed and stood up.

Rashid was astonished to view a hole in the center of the hand with blood flowing down.  Rashid commented that he was trembling with fear, felt giddy, and then fell down.  His friends subsequently removed him from their location at once.

Subsequently, Rashid was unable to sleep.  As he attempted to rest, a vision of the hand kept replaying in his mind.  The next night, a shadow of a human face appeared along with the hand, and asked him why he was “nailing him”.  Rashid had lost his peace.

Surprisingly, Rashid had a Bible in his room that he used verses for condemning Christianity and justifying Islam.  When he opened the Bible, he read the following verse, “That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not.” (John 1:9-10 KJV)

Rashid’s eyes were opened, and he understood that everything was about Jesus.  He realized that the ball of light that came from the sky was actually Jesus who suffered when He was crucified.

His heart softened, and he went to see Pastor Paul wherin he shared his recent experience.  Unsure of the Pastor’s reaction, he was pleasantly surprized by the Pastor’s embrace with tears streaming down his face.

“I was once an enemy of Jesus Christ, but He loved me,” Pastor Paul said. “He was crucified—gave His life for me—then He rose from the dead. Because of His love I can love you, because Christ loves you. I believe Jesus Christ Himself brought you here to share this love and to find salvation.”

Pastor Paul continued with, “Jesus is the Prince of Peace, and He will give you peace. Accept Him as your Savior,” he exhorted.

That day, Rashid gave his heart to Jesus and was born again.

“I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior, was baptized and received the gifts of the Holy Spirit and I’m evangelizing people through ‘Bibles for Mideast,’ he says. He has become one of their key leaders.

Rashid commented that thousands of Muslims are believing in Jesus as Savior in secret.  They do not have Bibles, and the rulers do not allow them to obtain Bibles.  The Bible is completely prohibited in some countries, yet people thirst for the Word of God.

Many of his team members have converted to Christianity with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  They are having good experiences doing personal evangelism, crusades, and pastoring home churches.  Many have become lay pastors earning a living supporting their ministry.