In this timeless classic movie, Rather To Be Chosen, staring Patricia Mauceri, Jared Withrow and Kristina Kaylen, there is romance, suspense, deception, spiritual renewal, and Alex Selby whose life takes an amazing turn as he is placed as President of the company after the tragic death of his parents.  Can Alex save the business he’s just inherited from bankruptcy? Travel with him to their office location of New York as he goes undercover to investigate an employee accused of sabotaging the company and guess what?….. He falls in love with her. Will he save the company his parent worked so hard to build or ……Follow his heart?

There are so many heartfelt moments in this movie. So, I guess, I’ll start from the beginning. At a young age, Alex and his sweet sister Julie, inherits 50/50 of Selby’s engineering company. Alex is appointed as the new president. Like any company going through such a transition, this calls for major changes and a big adaptation for both Alex and his sister. But, from the very beginning, there’s something unique about Alex. One might think with such a massive responsibility thrust upon him at such a young age, he would be arrogant, full of pride and difficult to work with. Instead, he’s humble, eager to make wise decisions with a sense of humor. He’s the stand up for those who are mistreated “type of guy.” And sometimes these actions get him more than what he bargained for.

There are moments of profound humility displayed by Alex, such as during the celebration service, he overhears two women speaking of their eagerness to meet the newly appointed CEO. What they failed to know was that they had met him in a way they would not had expected.  However, Alex feels a lack of self-confidence and feels he doesn’t know how to lead the company.  But, then there’s John Graham, the company’s Vice President over Finances. But what exactly is his role? Is he friend or foe? Does he really have Alex’s best interest at heart? I mean, he’s always giving what appears to be sound advice, but can he be trusted?

Overall, Rather to be Chosen teaches a great lesson on Proverbs 22:1 ~ A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches; and loving favor rather than silver and gold. You see – your name means something. It’s evidence of your reputation. And a sterling reputation means more than stepping on others to move to the top. It’s having a gracious spirit and treating people of all walks with grace and dignity. It’s living 24/7/365 in a manner which is reflective of who Jesus is. All in all, your name reveals who you really are.

Even on our job, our name speaks volumes. Take for example Jenny, my favorite character of the entire cast. Through her you’ll learn how pertinent it is in having a name representative of someone with class and style, efficiency and being well organized. By all means, your attitude in your work environment does make a difference. Additionally, it is a story of redemption, because sometimes, life changes within an instance and you can lose track of who you really are. Whatever your situation may be, it is the character behind your name people will remember.  From the smallest gesture to the greatest achievement, from the humblest servant to the haughty Executive, the means thru which you gain recognition will divulge what’s really behind your name and the condition of your heart.

And, by the way…..who is Michelle? I mean really…. Who is she? Well, Come….. Journey and discover who she is. This film touched me deeply and ministered the importance of how effecting humanity profoundly can give you the unparalleled favor of God. Undoubtedly, Daniel Knudsen and Crystal Creek Media has done a brilliant production in displaying this spectacular film. It can really teach the value of raising your lifestyle to a standard of morality marked by integrity, respect, compassion and adhering to godly principles. I will give it a 5 Star Rating!