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Feeling Burdened By A Situation? We Have The Key To Your Joy!

When we are going through challenges, it is easy to feel as if God is distant.  In these moments, it is quite easy to feel as if God is gone or has suddenly vanished from existence.

Be encouraged, however, that God’s promises are that He will never leave or forsake you.  In fact, during our lowest moments, God is usually present, and right by your side.  He loves His children so much that He would never leave you- even when it feels like everyone else has.  The truth is that you are never alone with God, and He will never leave you to solve a problem by yourself.  However, in times of sorrow, we need to learn how to lean into Him for strength, support, and to ask Him for His guidance over the situation.

God will never let you be tempted beyond what you can endure.  He will always equip you to handle every situation, and in every situation He has created an exit point.  The key is whether you will rely on God, or try to deal with it on your own strength.  One road has a guaranteed victory, and the other may potentially lead to hurt or destruction.

John Lysaught delves deep into the promise of God that He will never leave nor forsake you, and how to draw on His strength during times of darkness.  He will teach you how to cling to God, maintain your faith, and how to move from a challenge into victory.

God will always be there to encourage you.  But are you calling out to Him during a time of trial?

Our September issue is released on our website on August 28, 2017!  Share with someone who needs encouragement today.



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