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Author Rhonda Stoppe Provides Helpful Tips on Successful Marriage

Author and speaker, Rhonda Stoppe is dedicated to helping women live a “no regrets” life.  Rhonda has 20 years experience as a mom, mentor, and pastor’s wife.

Rhonda’s expertise is in helping people:

  • Discover significance in God and His plan for your life.
  • Connecting biblical principles to daily decisions.
  • Developing a loving marriage that others dream about.
  • Influencing the next generation by raising children with integrity.
  • Leaving a legacy of a well-lived life without regrets.

Rhonda has written two books: Mom’s Raising Sons to be Men and If my Husband Would Change I’d Be Happy- And Other Myths Wives Believe.

Her passion is in teaching women how to establish no regret lives.  She weaves in scripture to her listeners in her messages and delivers it with contagious zeal.  She inspires women to live life as God intended by having a relationship with God, commitment to living in obedience with the Word, and surrendering to God’s purpose over their lives.
In her interview with Faith Filled Family, she shares her wisdom about marriage giving women a few useful “nuggets” for their relationship, and discusses her latest book.
Rhonda Stoppe’s interview will appear in our December issue of Faith Filled Family coming out on November 28th.

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