It’s a difficult conversation to have, but even more challenging to navigate through when you suspect that your spouse is sabotaging your efforts at work.  Questions arise in your mind as to whether you are over-reacting, being paranoid, or misreading their intentions.  Yet deep down, you suspect that more may be going on than just the occasional “oops”.

sabotageNow, it should be said that sometimes people are just people.  They aren’t trying to sabotage you, but they end up causing problems just the same.  For instance, you may have a spouse that tidies up behind you and moves things… only to forget later where they put them.  Maybe they are a little accident-prone and didn’t mean to spill all over your presentation.  Or maybe they didn’t mean to erase your documents that you stored on a USB- they thought that it was a new one.  Accidents do happen, and while they shouldn’t happen all the time, some people just end up inadvertently causing problems due to carelessness.  They aren’t sabotaging you, they are just irresponsible.

Yet there are those who are passive-aggressively seeking to sabotage your attempts at work, or are trying to prevent you from being promoted.  Sabotaging someone’s work, is a passive act of aggression, and is often quite deliberate.  There are varied reasons for this behaviour- depending on the gender- but the result is always the same.  Sabotaging your spouse ends up making them feel angry, hurt, and betrayed by someone who they feel should be supportive… if not forthright with their feelings.

Why Would You Sabotage Me?  You Are Supposed To Support Me?

Good question.  And it deserves a good answer.

Deanne Williams discusses how to discern whether your spouse is careless, accident-prone or forgetful, versus whether they are indeed trying to sabotage your career.  She goes into depth as to why spouses will engage in this behaviour, and how to work through it in your marriage.

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