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Are You Sabotaging God’s Purpose Over Your Life?

Of the most common struggles, the first would be a question of purpose/calling.  Most of us wonder, at one time or another, why we exist, and what God created us for.  It is an eternal question that we spend a lifetime trying to figure out.  Am I where I should be?  Is this still where I’m called to be?  Is God telling me to move on?

Once we know our calling, (and the celebration abates), we hurriedly try to walk in it.  Some of us hear God’s instructions and walk down the path that He has chosen.  Some will even experience divine acceleration propelling them far down their path.  Others will wait on God’s timing understanding that all promises will come to pass if we wait on Him, and if we are obedient.

There is also a portion that know their calling, feel they are walking in it, yet experience no progress.  It leaves them wondering whether they have heard from God in the first place because if God said it, it should be happening.

Another branch of this are those who are walking in their calling, enjoyed it, but suddenly found that they are being demoted, passed up for promotion, or things are just not working like before.

What Happened? Did I Make a Mistake?

Not necessarily.  You may have heard God’s purpose for your life very clearly, however in the absence of anything else, we must examine character.  We know from the Bible that God promotes, and part of that comes from godly character.

Godly character, if we aren’t examining ourselves, sometimes diminishes as we become more successful.  Suddenly, we aren’t spending as much time with God as we used to, or we aren’t as thankful as we should be.  Sometimes, serious character flaws are being exposed, and God is unable to use that person for His glory because this person may take the glory for themselves.

How do I Know if This is the Case?

Our next issue examines this very question of purpose.  We will look at several common reasons that people fail to be promoted- and some reason as to why people experience a downward spiral after success.

Character flaw or something else?  These questions and more answered in our upcoming issue on August 26th.

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