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Satan’s Kingdom May Become Spooked In Our October Issue

Are you ready to fight?  Let’s get ready to rumble!  The win is guaranteed!

Hollywood has been instrumental in portraying Satan as a larger than life beast.  He is equipped with superpowers that can almost defeat any Christian and sends chills (not to mention paranoia) to anyone who watches it.

Television, on the other hand, has been desensitizing us to Satan and his wiles.  Satan (which includes ghosts, ghouls, and the paranormal) have become mainstream with reality shows documenting the existence of ghosts.  Shows based on mediums are mainstay, and the latest twist on Satan is that he is just “misunderstood”.

Yet no one really portrays him as he truly is: a thief (how many times has something been stolen unjustly from you?), a liar (has he tricked you into believing something that was proven false?), and a destroyer.  He is a counterfeit.  The only thing that he can act on are things that we speak.  He has no special powers, and his only real talent is to pervert what God created.  He is defeated.  Period.

So what are we afraid of?

Our next issue will discuss taking our authority over the enemy, the purpose angels, and God’s intent of the supernatural: what it is and what it was designed to do.  We will also discuss the dangers and myths of occult activity and engaging in them.  We will also discuss Halloween and the Christian.

All this, and incredible interviews in store for our October issue coming out on September 26th, 2016.

Take back what God gave you, use your authority, and permanently kick Satan to the curb!  Victory is just within your grasp!


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