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Satanic Plans To Be Included In City Council Prayer Backfired

Attendees said the Lord’s Prayer Instead Keeping Mindful of Supreme Court Rulings.

Every city council meeting or county board meeting in the United States usually opens with prayer, or a testimony.  Two years ago, the Supreme Court covered religious prayers said in public places commenting that it fell under “free speech”.  However, there was a clause that indicated, “So long as the town maintains a policy of nondiscrimination, the Constitution does not require it to search beyond its borders for non-Christian prayer givers in an effort to achieve religious balancing.”

This is where the Satanic movement began in tearing down prayer bit by bit.

In February 2016, prayer was shut down in Phoenix City in objection to the Satanic Temple opening in prayer.  The city wanted to maintain Christian prayers, but were caught under the phrase of “maintains a policy of nondiscrimination”.  In order to achieve this, Satanists would have to be allowed to pray.  They chose to shut down prayer making it an all for none policy.

Satanic Temple says that although they are a real religion, they no not worship the biblical Satan or evil, as per their website.  They promote that beliefs should conform to best scientific understanding, and an environment of compassion and empathy towards others according to reason.

Yet their actions show otherwise.

The Temple successfully forced Florida officials to allow them to erect a display celebrating Lucifer honoring the December holiday season.  In Arkansas, they won permission to display a statue of children fawning over a deity called Baphomet.  They used the non-discriminatory ruling to prevent evangelicals from distributing Bibles to Florida public school children because they maintained that they should be allowed the same privilege.

In Pensacola, Florida, city council had considered ending the practice of inviting local clergy to opening prayer.  It came in an effort to thwart prayers scheduled by a representative of the Satanic Temple West Florida.  Instead, they had suggested a moment of silence.

David Suhor, a member of the Temple and a church-state separationist has been lobbying to end prayers in public meetings.  Suhor who also goes by Davidas, had been requesting the council for two years to give the invocation normally reserved for clergy.  Permission was confirmed for July 14 appearance resulting in drawing attention from local media when Suhor announced it and demanded the school board also host him.

Suhor describes the Satanic Temple as an atheistic group, and “invokes the example of the mythical Satan for his encouragement of free will, knowledge and rebellion against dogmatic authoritarianism”, according to Charisma News.

City officials had commented that they didn’t want to allow him to appear, but rejecting the request would result in a lawsuit.

Now, Satanist David Suhor was indeed granted permission to conduct invocation at the Pensacola City Council meeting.  However, instead of a “victory”, he was defeated in prayer.

According to Charisma News, when he tried to invoke curses during the meeting, officials simply joined hands behind him and recited the Lord’s Prayer.

Attendee Vickie Turett commented, “When you invoke a name, any other name under heaven that is not the Lord Jesus Christ, you almost invite cursing or disaster to fall on you.”

Additionally, members of the United Methodist Church of Pace filled the meeting and gathered outside to pray.

Hopefully, this agenda has been thwarted for God (good).





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