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By U.S. Congress - Image from Rep. Scalise's home page., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5372604

Scalise Returns To Capitol Praising God With Testimony

Representative Steve Scalise was seriously injured during a shooting attack in Washington, DC while practising for a baseball game three months ago.  He returned to Congress today, summing up his survival with the words, “It starts with God.”

Scalise is a fifty-one year old Majority Whip who was injured in his hip with a bullet which tore through blood vessels and his internal organs.  While the shooting was still prevailing, Scalise lay wounded on the field and praying to God.  Immediately he experienced what he refers to as “an unbelievable sense of calm”.

Scalise told Congress that every one of his prayers were answered, and that he was evidence that miracles really do happen.

He also gave thanks to God for both his survival and subsequent recovery.


“He really did deliver for me and my family. It gave me a renewed faith in the power of prayer. You cannot underestimate it.”

Capitol Police officers, Crystal Griner and David Bailey additionally received thanks.  Scalise recollected that when he heard the sound of the officers rounds firing back at the attacker, Scalise said he knew they were responding.  He prayed for both officers to be successful in carrying out their duties.


“David, you saved my life, you are my hero. David, thank you very much,” he told Bailey who attended the Capitol Hill celebration.

Additionally, the medical care he received from a doctor and former Army Ranger with medical experience on the field was another one of the miracles that aided in his recovery.

Scalise says that the incident strengthened his faith, but has also shown him the goodness in others.  He says the shooting was “tragic and evil”, but he also remembers the good acts and kindness.


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