Nothing beats football in January for sports fans.  It is a time when the best teams compete for top spot in their respective leagues for that one moment of victory.  Millions of viewers feel the exhileration every year with all the action, athleticism, and breathtaking plays.

Yet behind those incredible plays, preparation leading up to top honors has taken decades to acheive both physically and emotionally.  Sometimes, it takes overcoming incredible odds.

“Sometimes, the measure of a man is not what he accomplishes, but what he overcomes,” said author Scott Stankavage, former quarterback for the Denver Broncos and University of North Carolina.

Scott Stankavage writes about that simple truth.  He is the father of SEC college quarterback, Shawn Stankavage, who faced great uncertaintly when he tore his ACL in his junior year of high school which may have ended his college playing options.

Scott understood he needed to view this crushing setback in the light of God’s plan for his son’s life – and his own.

In Scott’s book, the QB Mentor, Scott tells the story of enlisting a Hall of Fame and two-time national college coach of the year, Steve Wilson, to mentor his son.

Both men were teammates on the Broncos during Wilson’s 10 year NFL career that included starting in two Super Bowls.

Coach Wilson’s wisdom, told through the stories of other quarterback’s challenges, his minister grandfather’s spiritual lessons, and sometimes personal experience, opened the eyes of Scott and his son.

“Son, in order to help you, I have to access your mind. But first, I have to touch your heart. I can’t help you as a quarterback unless I help you as a man,” Wilson says.

Over the next year, the Stankavage men met often with Coach for an intense quarterback mentoring class that changed all of them. The class covered far more than the science of football as together the trio faced new challenges, realizing that Shawn needed rehab as much for his broken heart as for his injured knee.

Then when things began to go in the right direction, a whole new challenge arrived in the form of a Scott’s diagnosis of an aggressive and incurable form of leukemia, a disease he still battles.

Stories include legends Bill Walsh, Roger Staubach and John Elway woven into the narrative as Shawn’s journey unfolds, football fans will also love the intro section from former NFL coach Dan Reeves (Denver Broncos, New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons), and the foreword from Pep Hamilton, newly-named assistant head coach/offense and quarterback coach for the Cleveland Browns, former quarterback coach for Stanford University and the Indianapolis Colts.

But the book is at heart the story of overcoming life’s challenges, and trusting God through it all.

“It’s for the dreamers who are filled with passion, faith, hope, and love, who, despite a myriad of twists and turns, continue to get up every day and do their best,” he says.

Faith Filled Family has the priviledge of interviewing Scott Stankavage in our April issue coming out April 28th on his latest book.