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Separation of church and state: Would our forefathers agree?

Most of our world emphatically promotes the separation of church and state citing “tolerance” as the reason for the decision.  While on the surface it sounds like what we are doing is right- that we are being inclusive rather than exclusive- the decision has its downfalls.

Society has evolved so that it accepts some beliefs because it is not politically correct to do otherwise, and silences others.  We are indeed being exclusive without even realizing it.  Tolerance cannot be claimed if we allow some religions to have an active voice and yet discriminate against others.  It begs the question of whether we are promoting understanding or oppression.

Distortion of Thomas Jefferson Letter

Thomas Jefferson’s Letter to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1802 is commonly quoted to demonstrate why church and state should be separated.  However, the meaning behind it has been skewed to suit ulterior motives.

The meaning behind the letter was to inform them that government and politics would not interfere with the running of the church.  Many countries were historically infamous for infusing politics into the church for fear of uprising, control, or oppression of the people.  It inhibited freedom of worship, and violated privacy rights in many cases.

Our next issue will discuss whether Christians should have a voice, and be active in politics.  It will discuss whether church and state should be separated, and what society would look like if it were.

Next issue being released on August 26th, 2016.


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