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Parents Urged to Sign Petition Against Elementary After School Satan Club

Portland, Oregon: Concerned Catholics with America Needs Fatima has recently launched a petition of protest to the authorities of the Sacramento Elementary School in an urgent plea to cease the opperation of the “After School Satan Club” sponsored by the Satanic Temple.

Satanic Temple members plan to hold an open house on Wednesday, November 16th at the school.  Should the event not be cancelled, children will be exposed to the first After School Satan Club allowed to enter into a public school system.  This opens the door for others to begin opperation across the country.

“Parents are aghast. And so many good people are standing up in peaceful protest,” said America Needs Fatima rally coordinator Francis Slobodnik.

“More than 87,000 people have signed the petition against Satan Clubs, urging school authorities NOT to allow Satan — the father of lies — into the lives of young children. Every single voice counts against the devil. This needs to be stopped.”

Parents can sign the online petition here:

Slobodnik explains that Satanism is about “lies and darkness”.

“When we say ‘God bless America’ we really mean it,” he says.  “We only love God. Satan is not welcome in our culture. Satan should be excluded in our schools because children cannot prosper if they embrace lies, evil and anarchy.  To dismiss the opening of a Satan Club in an elementary school as something of little importance is to ignore the way Satan works.  Once Satan gets in, who will get him out?”

In opposition to this Satanic influence and to protect the children, Catholics and God fearing Americans are congregating for a rally on the sidewalk in front of the Sacramento Elementary School in Portland on Wednesday, November 16th at 11:30 am.

All are welcome to attend and show their support.

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