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Single Parents: Learn How to Recharge, Refresh and Gain Strength

Raising children can be challenging, but raising them alone can feel overwhelming.  Being a single parent is no easy task.  Single parents not only have the added pressure of raising kids, but in solely being responsible for providing financially as well.  Many single parents work long hours, and come home tired only to have to meet the needs of their children.  Often, there are no breaks when you just need a moment of silence at the end of the day.  All of the responsibility rests on one person.

Single parents are often concerned about whether they have enough to cover the bills, food, and any “extras” their children may need.  They question whether they are providing or are able to provide enough for their kids.  Questions often arise: Are they there enough?  Are their children alone too much?  Are they a good enough parent? Will their children turn out fine?  These questions consume their thoughts followed by “How am I going to_____?”  Sometimes single parents feel guilty, and wonder if they made the best decisions.

Little time is left to be concerned about “me” when there is so much on their plate.  This leaves many feeling like they are in a tug of war.  Many single parents feel the weight of their responsibilities, and can begin to struggle.  At the core, they feel tired, and could really use some encouragement.

The good news is, that God is with you, and will provide all that you need for your family.  The only “caveat” is that you need to know specifically what to pray for, and how to pray.  Friends and family can be a tremendous resource as well.

To learn how to feel energized, confident, strong and full of peace, read our next issue coming out on July 26th.  It will refresh and recharge your soul!


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